Company Profile

BTM International (Formerly LPM Machine Exchange) was established in 1985. Company’s founder is Mr.Tilak Raj Malik(62).He is the chairman of this company. This company is currently running by Mr. Gaurav Malik. He is the Managing Director of this company.He is the person having Technical skills and he manages the things very well in the company.Director of the company is Mrs. Saroj Malik(55). All the work of company has been done under the management of Mrs.Saroj Malik. All the financial and economical matters are managed by Mrs. Solanki Malik(22).

The perseverance to develop along with ever changing trends of the knitting and textile industry, they have come out with new and latest models of machines, catering to the demands of their customers, they have been supplying all types of linking machines are providing excellent after sale service to the satisfaction of their customers to keep the latest developments in the knitting and textile industry.

BTM International (Formerly LPM Machine Exchange) representatives attend National and International training programs, seminar and exhibitions regularly. The company is having positive attitude in all fields to establish professional and efficient working system there by contributing to flawless result and efficiency. BTM International(Formerly LPM Machine Exchange) has further set its targets to achieve hundred present efficiency in all its ventures. the company believes in quality, economy, reliability and efficiency.